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Here is why the recent newscast snafu matters and is part of a bigger picture:

  • The biggest problem facing our current generation is people not taking us seriously and seeing us as nonconfrontational, passive math/science nerds that lack social skills.

The media portrays us as either: kung fu masters who can’t speak English (Jackie Chan/Jet Li), weak/submissive characters who are not to be taken seriously (Ken Jeong), or the nerdy/quiet book smart kids whose parents beat for getting B+’s.

  • Fair or not these roles in the media are reflected in how the general population views Asians. We represent a tiny minority (~5%) of the US population, and most Asians are concentrated in California/NY, and from there just a few areas from there.

Therefore very few of the 300 million Americans have had much interaction with Asians, much less had them as friends in order to break these stereotypes. Compare this to say the Arab population, and the ignorant population that gets nervious getting onto planes with them after 9/11, all because of their perception in the media.

  • ACTS LIKE what the newscast did play into the stereotypes that Asians are simply mockable people with silly, non-WASPy names.
  • Combine this with my first point that there’s a perception that Asians aren’t seen as leaders, and there’s no Asian kid who grew up as a minority that didn’t get the “Ching chong”/slant-eye/”Chinaman” treatment as a kid, and this IS a recipe for offensiveness.

It’s hard to understand from an outsider this plays in growing up, but this is a microcosm of the issues we’ve had in our lives. An outsider can dismiss it as non-racist, but try to understand the perspective of someone in that position before saying that no one should treat it as racist. Sources used: Being Asian

Day started out completely foggy and windy downtown which was a concern, but the sun ended up coming out at just the right time.

Took a few with a 24-70mm at 2.8 mainly to test the light out, while the rest were done with a 70-200mm at 2.8.

ISO 100 was used since it was a bright day out with a minimal amount of fill flash, but for the most part relied on natural lighting.

Building provided a decent spot for flash bounce even if it was brick, but most were taken with direct flash in order to slow the shutter speed into HSS territory since it was so bright out even in the shade.

The background epitomized what San Diego is all about:
-a rustic brick building to the left
-new downtown high rises in the back
-and bright green trees which brought out great vibrance but wasn’t too distracting

For the most part AE-lock was used on the background to keep it from blowing out while filling in the subject with flash, but again in this spot the outdoor lighting proved more than suitable.

Ended up using Photoshop’s Camera Raw to correct the exposure, turned down the highlights to keep the background from blowing out, and turned down whites to keep the details of the dress. The histogram was shifted towards the right for most shots in auto-exposure mode making the dress look like a t-shirt–so it’s a good thing we shoot in raw!

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